Organic Winegrowers NZ announces inaugural Organic Wine Week

To celebrate the breadth and depth of organic wine

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Members at Feast Marlborough, Organic Winegrowers of NZ

Members at Feast Marlborough, Organic Winegrowers of NZ [©Organic Winegrowers of NZ]

Clos Henri Soil and worms, Organic Winegrowers of NZ
Tending the vines at Millton Vineyards, Organic Winegrowers of NZ
Seresin Estate, Organic Winegrowers of NZ
Churton vineyard and valley view, Organic Winegrowers of NZ


Organic Winegrowers New Zealand is proud to announce the inaugural Organic Wine Week. It’s a week to celebrate the breadth and quality of  organic wine and will take place September 17-23, 2018.

The week incorporates the Southern Hemisphere spring equinox, a time to celebrate the gifts of nature.

The objectives are simple: to showcase the impressive number and calibre of New Zealand organic wine producers, and to educate consumers on why choosing organic wine is great for both them and the landscape.

Organic producers occupy a proud and growing place in New Zealand wine; 10% of NZ wineries now hold organic certification, including many of the country’s most acclaimed producers.

Organic Winegrowers New Zealand is collaborating with the finest restaurants and retailers to craft an engaging week of events celebrating organic wines. Events will run across New Zealand and around Europe and will be consumer-focused. A calendar of events will be released in August on the Organic Winegrowers website, but a sneak peak of Organic Wine Week partners is included below.

Organic Wine Week will continue as an annual event, with the intention of building momentum each year to become a global fixture. Organic winegrowers worldwide are invited to join in this celebration.

Organic Winegrowers New Zealand is an incorporated society with 180 members, with 65 (and counting!) wineries currently producing certified organic wine. Members range from boutique and family-owned through to large scale organisations – all of whom are committed to creating premium wines and a delicious, healthy future.

A full list of New Zealand’s organic wine producers is updated regularly on the Organic Winegrowers New Zealand website,

Organic Wine Week event sneak peak:

  • New Zealand restaurants will host special events with organic winemakers, including The Grove (Auckland), Shepherd (Wellington), Bistronomy (Hawke’s Bay), Arbour (Blenheim). Gatherings at Black Estate vineyard (Canterbury), Sherwood (Queenstown).
  • New Zealand retailers will host public organic wine tastings, including Commonsense Organics (Wellington), Glengarry (Auckland).
  • European events include a masterclass with organic winemakers at New Zealand Winegrowers headquarters in London; a consumer tasting at the New Zealand Cellar (London); NZ organic wine list focus at key restaurants (London); and an organic showcase at New Zealand Winegrowers tasting events (Warsaw and Hamburg).

Why drink organic wine?

  1. Know what you’re consuming: organic wines are produced with the support of natural and biological products only. No synthetic chemicals here.
  2. Savour each drop: organic growers work to grow the healthiest possible grapevines. The result: flavourful wines, a true expression of the land. Great wines shine with a sense of place.
  3. Revel in protecting our landscapes: the many ecological benefits of organic practices include healthy soils, healthy waterways, biodiversity, and a safe place for bees and other beneficial insects.
  4. Support vineyard worker health: the use of natural products throughout production provides a safe and happy work environment for hardworking staff.

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August 01st, 2018
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