Win wine, books, holidays, massages and more

Win a Tasmanian wilderness getaway at Thousand Lakes Lodge

Escape the busyness of everyday life in a place like nowhere else

Win wine, books, holidays, massages and more

Experience Tasmania's wilderness with this getaway at Thousand Lakes Lodge, on the top of the state's highland plateau. It's wild and inexplicably life-affirming and revitalising with clean crisp air, the wildlife and nature at its rawest and most stunning. You can get out and explore the landscape on foot, on an e-bike or in a 4WD or simply curl up in the Lodge lounge and watch the view. With your focus outside, you'll soon be connected, not with the www but with the wilderness on your doorstep. Enter now to win a truly wild Tasmanian two night getaway for two people »

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Enjoy great WINES

Win The World's Best Whiskies

And get a spirit guide to a better dram!

Enjoy great WINES

Whether you're new to whisky or already a connoisseur, take this journey around the globe and make some new discoveries amongst the 750 drams in Dominic Roskrow's new book, The World's Best Whiskies. There's a constant stream of new whiskies emerging, all jostling for your attention so get some expert advice and work your way through a huge range. Recommended for whisky novices and connoisseurs alike so enter now for your chance to win a spirit guide for 2019 »

Win BOOKS, tickets and more

Win the book of your choice

Three great food books to be choose from

Win BOOKS, tickets and more

Move over wine-lovers, it's time for the foodies to have their choice of fabulous books to start the new year with! What a lovely trio to ponder: from the traditions around teatime to rescuing your dinner and loving those recipes that are tried and true and tested by communities around the country, there's a book for most tastes and abilities. Enter now and start 2019 with the book you really want to win! »

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