Win wine, books, holidays, massages and more

Win a Mornington Peninsula vineyard escape at Lakeside Villas

Or superb wine from Crittenden Estate

Win wine, books, holidays, massages and more

Win a night's accommodation at the award-winning Lakeside Villas at Crittenden Estate on the fabulous Mornington Peninsula. Seemingly floating above the lake and amidst the vines, the Villas are the ultimate vineyard escape, providing the perfect base for relaxing and exploring the Peninsula. Breakfast and a wine tasting for two is also included in the prize. Plus there are two half mixed cases of fine Crittenden Estate wine on offer. Enter now and you could win a vineyard escape or fine Mornington Peninsula wine »

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Enjoy great WINES

Win PAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wines

And take your taste buds on an adventure in food and wine matching!

Enjoy great WINES

In PAIRED: Champagne & Sparkling Wines Fran Flynn and David Stevens-Castro aim to de-mystify the practice of food and wine matching and inspire you to leave your comfort zone behind and make some thrilling new culinary discoveries. Ones your taste buds will be surely be grateful for! Enter now to win this beautiful book on food and wine matching »

Win BOOKS, tickets and more

Win Beef & Potatoes by Jean-Francois Mallet

These two staples will never be the same again!

Win BOOKS, tickets and more

You'll soon be raising your meat and veg repertoire to the next level with 200 recipes featuring these two staples as the shining ingredients. Learn your cuts of meat, which spud is best for which cooking method and then jump on into the recipes. If you like steak and chips, if you like cooking, if you like creativity in a book, then make sure you enter now to win one of two copies of Beef & Potatoes »

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