Win wine, books, holidays, massages and more

Win award-winning Kingston Black Cider from Willie Smith's

Crafted from an heirloom cider apple grown organically in Tasmania's Huon Valley

Win wine, books, holidays, massages and more

Fancy sipping on a Reserve Champion cider from the home of apples, Tasmania's Huon Valley? Since 2012 Willie Smith's has been crafting beverages true to type, showcasing original cider apple varieties as well as distilling apple brandy. Kingston Black is a famous cider apple originating from Somerset in Britain and it's at the heart (or should that be core?!) of the limited release cider of the same name, which has just picked up Reserve Champion at an international cider show in the UK. Enter now and you be tasting why when you win one of three half cases of Willie Smith's Kingston Black Cider »

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Win The Fabulous Ladies' Guide to Wine

The first ever book for - and about - women who love wine and make it!

Enjoy great WINES

This is the first Australian book written specifically for and about women who make wine and those who love it. It's an eclectic mix of stories, information and articles plus some secret family recipes from 16 wonderful women of wine. Author Jane Thomson is the founder of The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society which also initiated the Australian Women in Wine Awards. As you'd expect that makes the book a wonderful celebration of the female side of wine and it's not restricted to women readers either! Enter now to win one of three copies of The Fabulous Ladies' Guide to Wine »

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Win 128 Recipes that saved my life

...or at least my dinner by Bridget Davis

Win BOOKS, tickets and more

An abundance of great recipes, kitchen shortcuts and invaluable cooking tips have been gathered by Chef Bridget Davis, from experience gathered over decades spent in renowned restaurants, successful gastropubs and catering for the corporate world for over 25 years.She now shares all this in a book that could save your dinner too! Enter now and you could win one of two copies of this great cookbook »

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