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Celebrating 90 years of wine-making excellence

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De Bortoloi Black Noble Barrel Aged 20 Years

De Bortoloi Black Noble Barrel Aged 20 Years [©De Bortoli Wines]

De Bortoli Wine - the family
Aerial view of the De Bortoli winery in the Yarra Valley


The De Bortoli family is celebrating 90 years of winemaking with many celebrations throughout 2018. One of those is the release of a limited edition of Black Noble, the world's only fortified made from botrytis grapes.

The limited edition Black Noble is crafted from parcels of wine with an average blended age of 20 years in barrels. A parcel of the most botrytised semillon grapes at approximately 20 to 22 baume was selected to produce the Black Noble's intense and ripe botrytis flavours.

De Bortoli has been setting aside portions of these parcels since 1982, with a selection of exceptional quality blended to deliver structure, strength and complexity in this limited edition.

These blends are a living history of the De Bortoli family with some parcels of wine dating back decades. Here are tasting notes for the the limited release:

90th Anniversary Black Noble

 Variety: 100% semillon

 Region: 100 % Riverina

Season: Black Noble has woven together both the family and variety’s history, as it is crafted from the same botrytised semillon grapes harvested for De Bortoli’s iconic Noble One, which was developed by Darren De Bortoli and his father Deen in 1982.

This limited release blend is created utilising many vintages including a portion from the original vintage of botrytis semillon in 1982. By blending many vintages together we capture each year's nuances with an average blended age of 20 years to deliver structure, strength and complexity.

Tasting notes: dark mahogany, this complex, rich and concentrated wine is all you could ask for after many years of maturation. Flavours include toffee, molasses, bittersweet coffee liqueur and Christmas pudding spice just to name a few. Long and luscious whilst still retaining a fresh acid finish; the perfect way to wind up a meal.

 General characteristic: sweet / full bodied

 Winemaking: each year a small portion of botrytis semillon is put aside to make Black Noble. With very little fermentation then fortification with grape spirit and a touch of brandy spirit, the wine is matured in old Noble One barriques in soleros for many years. Senior Winemaker John Coughlan and Winemaker Julie Mortlock assessed all these barrels and chose the best and most complex parcels to then craft this unique wine.

Food match: Black Noble has been blended to commemorate 90 years of winemaking at De Bortoli and is the perfect wine to enjoy at the end of a sumptuous feast with good friends and family.

 Alc/Vol: 18.5%

RRP: A$90 bottle


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  • Yarra Valley (Wine) (VIC)

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October 18th, 2018
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