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David Laity, Goodwiil Wines

David Laity, Goodwiil Wines [©Goodwill Wines]

Goodwill Wines Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
Goodwill Wine, Reg Mombassa labels

Combine the words word ‘charity’ and ‘wine’ and the shudders of anticipation of bad wine are palpable but David Laity is out to prove this wrong. 

Launched in 2010, Goodwill Wine was literally born of the ashes from Victoria's catastrophic Black Saturday fires in 2009, and now supports charities across Australia through sales of re-labelled, high-end wine.

David, a filmmaker, lost everything but his life in the fires – his house and belongings, his library of film work and then his job. What he gained was overwhelming support from many sources and with this he was determined to start again and pay forward on that generosity.

Using funds from the Red Cross and a Centrelink program for new enterprises, David developed a simple idea: to label and re-package end of production wine and pass on 50% of the profit margin to charities or non-profit organisations (NPOs). But not just any wine – it had to be high end, quality wine.

Where do Goodwill Wines come from?

Wineries are sometimes left with product that simply isn’t cost-effective to package, label and distribute themselves. David seeks these out and, providing they’re up to his high standards, they become a Goodwill Wine.  Winemakers like Jimmy Watson Trophy winner Graeme Miller and Franco D’Anna, winner of James Halliday’s 2015 Best Value Vineyard Award, have contributed but generally the whole idea is to protect the identity and therefore value of the original wine.

These days wineries are seeking out Goodwill Wines too, wanting to help spread some joy themselves.

Who do they benefit?

Apart from making the purchaser feel good, the winemaker is happy to have his end of run or tank samples valued properly and to go to a good home, the purchaser’s charity/NPO of choice is happy to receive a minimum of 50% of the profit and David is achieving his objective of paying forward..

Initially the 50% profit was going to the Country Fire Authority, but now you can choose from the wide range of charities listed or, if your favourite doesn’t appear, you can manually type in their details and the funds will find their way. Your label will also be customised accordingly.

How are they labelled?

The wines are currently labelled according to the charity selected and also include the wine style and year of vintage, however Reg Mombassa is donating some of his iconic artwork for new Goodwill Wine labels to be rolled out later this year.  Each bottle will still bear a sticker showing where the funds are going.

It's easy to support your favoured charity and enjoy great wine!

  1. Go to the Goodwill Wines website or Good Spender (see below).
  2. Choose your wines then your charity or vice versa.
  3. If your charity isn’t listed, write in its name and the label will be custom printed.
  4. Hit the Buy button and smile for work well done!



About Good Spender:

Good Spender is an online marketplace connecting consumers who want to make a difference with social enterprises. It’s a partnership between Social Traders (not-for-profit social enterprise development organisation based in Melbourne) and Australia Post’s ‘Our Neighbourhood’ program.

See and for more information.

[Ed: Kerry has recently ordered some Goodwill Wine so we’ll update you with her verdict!]


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October 11th, 2016
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