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From Australia's highest brewery in Victoria's High Country

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Blizzard Brewing Co Founder Mark Hubbard

Blizzard Brewing Co Founder Mark Hubbard [©Blizzard Brewing ]

Blizzard Brewing's Brandy Creek Kolsch
Blizzard Brewing Belgian Pale Ale Poster
Blizzard Brewing's Powder Pale Ale


Blizzard Brewing sits just 50m from the Cobungra ski lift in Victoria's High Country and is just 10km from the ski lifts at Mt Hotham. It also sits at 1550m above sea level making it the highest brewery in Australia.

Being amongst the ski fields means Blizzard can make the most of its environment by using snow melt from aquifers for its brews. That's pretty pure H2O to begin with but it's not the only reason the brewery's founder made his home in Victora's High Country.

Mark Hubbard hails from the Rocky Mountains in the US where craft beer is an integral part of the ski field culture and he felt Australian skiers and boarders should get the same gratification and refreshment from a beer brewed on site.

Here are tasting notes for the range of Blizzard Brewing beers available on tap at the brewhouse and in cans. (Yes cans folks, for many reasons including weight, recyclability and freshness when beer is brewed without pasteurisation or chemicals and preservatives.)


Power Pale Ale (Australian Single Hopped Pale Ale)

This is one of the nods to the local hop farmers in the valleys at the base of Blizzard's mountain top location.  Combining late and dry hopping additions in this single hopped pale ale, Melba hops are used as a dual purpose gem to display slightly tropical fruits, melon and citrus tones, balanced with a clean, crisp palate of malt. 

A special ingredient not available from any other brewery is added – liquid powder.  Like all Blizzard beers, it is crafted using pure snow melt sourced from high altitude aquifers.

Alc/vol: 5%


Brandy Creek Kolsch

Blizzard's alpine interpretation of this classic German style. Using Crystal hops from the USA to create a clean crisp ale likened to a Pilsner, it throws slight citrus, passion fruit aromas with restrained spice

Very session-able and perfect on a summer's day in the mountains, as well as apres-ski. Brandy Creek, just a few minutes up the Great Alpine Road from the brewery, was the site of a gold mine from the 1860s. Blizzard's Brewing reckons you'll find their Kolsch a gold standard beer.

Alc/vol: 4.6%


Avalanche Amber Ale

Brewed to an Alt style of dark ale, an avalanche of specialty malts is blended to overtake your palate with a complex yet approachable beer.

Incorporating hop additions of Cascade, Crystal and local Ella, a balanced amber ale is delivered without astringency due to the use of carefully selected specialty malts. Your taste buds won't want to be rescued from the delicate caramel tastes in this avalanche of flavour and colour.

Alc/vol: 5.1%


1550 Lager

A classic and probably the world's most recognizable style. This Bohemian style lager is created using only the best German base malt.  Brewed with a Victorian High Country twist, a single bittering addition of Pride of Ringwood (Super Pride) hops is used. Crafted like all the Blizzard beers at an altitude of 1550 metres in the Snowy Mountains.

Alc/vol: 5.1%


Lavender Lager

Take the 1550 Lager and introduce the delicate aroma of lavender from nearby Harrietteville, and you have A Beer for my Dear. This is a promise kept – Blizzard's founder promised to brew his bride a beer that she liked whilst he was chasing his dreams. For the palate that knows what she likes.

Alc/vol: 5.1%

Ice Horse IPA (Session IPA)

This is the first of Blizzard's hop forward styles using Cascade, Mosaic, Galaxy and Melba hops.  Displaying moist notes of citrus and passionfruit, with hints of pine and a balanced bitterness.  West Coast inspired, it pours a copper, reddish amber with a persistent white head.  The flavour and balance belie the low ABV - definitely an Ice Horse you can get on.

Alc/vol: 5%

Read more about Blizzard Brewing on the links below.


  • Legends, Wine and High Country (NE Victoria) (VIC)

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February 09th, 2017
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