Learn some Short Cuts to Glory in a guide for novice cooks by Matt Okine »

With recipes from well-known Australian foodies and chefs

By Laura McKinnon
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<i>Short Cuts to Glory: The Easy Beginner's Guide for Australian Cooks</i> by Matt Okine

Short Cuts to Glory: The Easy Beginner's Guide for Australian Cooks by Matt Okine [©ABC Books]

Created in conjunction with the ABC TV series of the same name, Short Cuts to Glory is the ultimate cookbook for anyone learning to cook, leaving home, becoming independent, or just wanting to impress with minimal kitchen stress.

A diverse and generous group of Australian chefs and cooks share their essential recipes, along with step-by-step methods and plenty of tips and tricks to help inexperienced home cooks create the best-ever version, plus some variations for good measure.

Short Cuts to Glory starts with Kitchen 101, the ideal place for those new to cooking to start.

Keeping in mind that this book grew from Matt’s experiences with food upon leaving home and his need to learn to cook, this chapter gives the reader the skills they need to master the kitchen. Learn about different cooktops, ovens, kitchen tools, pans, pots and those all important knives and how to use them.

The pantry is also covered with how to stock it, the different types of protein and how to store leftovers. You can sit and read through this chapter in one go or flick back and forth covering the skills and topics as you need them.

Seamlessly Matt moves to a chapter on the basics: simple dishes that will keep you fed, before moving on to themed chapters such as ‘Last Minute Meals’, ‘Fast Food’, ‘Date Night’, Sunday Night, and ‘Feed the Army’ to reflect the TV series.

As you turn the pages you are greeted by a plethora of attractive images and recipes, all easily tackled by the novice cook.

Like the TV series, you are guided step by step through each recipe and clearly see what you should expect on your plate.

Highlight recipes include Sticky Lamb Ribs and our new favourite Cake in a Mug. This became a favourite, as unlike many of the mug cake recipes we have Googled in the hope for a quick dessert, this recipe not only works but tastes great, especially if you add the melted chocolate and ice-cream. Do make sure you use a very large mug or split the mix between two cups!

Contributors include well-known foodieschefs such as

  • Adriana Zumbo
  • Miguel Maestre
  • Colin Fassnidge
  • Neil Perry
  • Justine Schofield
  • Hayden Quinn
  • Tom Walton
  • Christine Manfield
  • Giovanni Pilu
  • Monday Morning Cooking Club
  • Jill Dupleix
  • Martin Boetz
  • Stefano Manfredi
  • Mark Best
  • Brigitte Hafner
  • Bernard Chu.

If you're new to cooking or looking for a gift for someone moving out of home, Short Cuts to Glory will easily provide the skills to impress. Or perhaps one to add to the Christmas gift list? 

Short Cuts to Glory by Matt Okine is published by Echo Publishing (Melbourne, 2017, cc, 118pp) and retails for A$29.99. It can be found in good bookshops and purchased direct from ABC Shop online .

It can also be found to purchase online via booko.com.au »

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October 25th, 2017
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