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Creative recipes for the resourceful cook – that will also save you money

By Laura McKinnon
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Love your Leftovers - River Cottage - by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Love your Leftovers - River Cottage - by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


We've all been to the fridge only to find vegetables wilted, and general leftovers left too long. This usually results in a trip to the compost bin with the past-it produce.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall from River Cottage challenges us to think differently about leftovers; to make use of them, not only to be less wasteful but to save money and decrease our impact on the environment.

Love Your Leftovers offers nifty and creative ideas to transform leftovers into irresistible meals. Yes, really. Hugh provides practical advice for cooking on a weekly basis, provides tips on how to best store ingredients for longevity (so you'll have less going off) and even details uses for leftovers outside of cooking.

The book makes you think about food in ways you might never have thought before. It's broken up into many chapters covering every type of foodstuff that cooks might use when creating leftover dishes. In the chapters are recipes that have leftovers highlighted to show which food type is applicable, e.g. meat, fish, rice, dairy etc.

Love Your Leftovers is brilliant at turning ‘old’ foods into something new. The idea of turning orange peels into candy is great for keeping the kids happy. Pickling watermelon rinds as something to serve with just about anything at a barbecue is a great one for being a bit different. Just ask South Africans, who have been doing this for decades. 

Some of the delicious recipes include ‘Arancini’ Patties (made with leftover risotto, cooked meat, vegetables and breadcrumbs); Slightly Squashy Tomato and Egg Toast (made with slightly overripe tomatoes); Crispy Fish Skin ‘Bacon’ Sandwich (made with fish skin and fish trimmings); and Turkish Chicken with Walnuts (made with dry white bread, chicken stock/gravy and poached or roast chicken).

You can also learn how to turn potato peels into soup (it tastes like mushroom – I'm sure they knew this back in the Great Depression), using mackerel skeletons as a snack (very now), and using apple peel and orange for a salad.

Love Your Leftovers is a highly engaging cookbook that offers something a bit different. For those who are up for a cooking challenge this book has plenty to offer in terms of cooking outside of regular comfort zones.

However those seeking to just create something simple, filling and hearty will not be disappointed. It has all different types of meals for all different types of occasions, and even includes a section on Christmas leftovers which helps make it an ideal gift for the festive season.

Love Your Leftovers is definitely one of the better cookbooks recently released – one that serves multiple purposes and will be used time and time again. And, if used in the way intended, could conceivably save the user plenty of money. A highly recommended purchase.


Love Your Leftovers by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is published in the United Kingdom by Bloomsbury (London, 2015; hc, 334pp) and is distributed in Australia by Allen & Unwin where it retails for A$45.00

Love Your Leftovers is available to purchase direct from the publisher here »

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December 05th, 2015
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