King Island: of waves, white balls and fresh air to whet the appetite »

Walk the beaches and bush trails or drive a golf ball into the Roaring 40s for fun

By Kerry Scambler
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Waves breaking upon the rocks in the City of Melbourne Bay, King Island

Waves breaking upon the rocks in the City of Melbourne Bay, King Island [©Tourism Tasmania]

Cows grazing by the surf in the City of Melbourne Bay, King Island
Calcified Forest, King Island
On the green at the Cape Wickham Golf Course, King Island
The Winding Footpaths of the Cape Wickham Golf Course, King Island


Many people know the world-class King Island cheese and beef but how many know what other world-class things this small island offers? And how many actually know where it is, apart from somewhere around Tasmania?

Firstly, location: King Island rises out of Bass Strait between mainland Tasmania and mainland Australia. It’s a small island at just 64km long and 27km wide but that only adds to its lure because it packs so much of everything in.

There’s food, of course, but the big outdoors offers up some amazing experiences, topped with the freshest air you can breathe.

Ride the wave of your life: The spectacular coastline shows off its rugged side one minute, then long, unspoilt beaches the next. And then there’s the waves… World surf champ Kelly Slater is one of many global board-riders who fly in regularly to surf spearmint coloured waves at Martha Lavinia (named after an 1852 shipwreck).  Being an island, there’s always a beach with on off-shore breeze somewhere, in fact it’s said that if you like to surf, you may never leave!

Get into nature: life on land, in the seas and in the skies is abundant. Watch the birds, look beneath the waves and say hi to the wallabies and other creatures that roam the island.

Check out the ghosts of trees past in calcified forest or one of only three perched lakes in the world. Book a tour to meet the elusive platypus in their own natural waterways or meet the penguins on their return from sea in summer.

Walk the beaches, the bush tracks or just set up a picnic in a secluded bay and be mesmerised by the waves. This nature thing can be terribly relaxing!

Hit a white ball into the path of the Roaring 40s: whilst the cheese, beef and crayfish have built world-class reputations and in themselves are reasons enough to visit, this small island is set on building another global name for itself. Links golf courses – they’re spectacular and particularly challenging.

Cape Wickham Golf Course, which wends its way around Australia’s tallest lighthouse, and Ocean Dunes are both seaside courses designed in the Scottish links tradition. Already these are drawing golfers from around the world, fascinated by the natural challenges they pose, and winning global accolades like Golf Digest USA ranking Cape Wickham 24th in the world (out of 32,000 courses) after only two months of operation!

Under the waves: pull on the scuba gear and jump into the clear waters to see and wonder over the prolific marine life (and perhaps catch some lunch!). Explore some of the many wrecks around the coast and ponder the lives lost and saved.

There’s also fishing charters, guided 4WD tours and plenty more ways to get thee outdoors and active.. and earn that cheesey treat!

Or you can just relax with a book on a beach, wine/beer glass in hand and gourmet hamper at your side….


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This article was compiled from a range of information sources including King Island Tourism.  


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September 07th, 2016
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