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Huon's Connoisseur's Guide to Salmon - Huon Aquaculture

By Kerry Scambler
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Tasmanian salmon - Photographer Nick Osborne

Tasmanian salmon - Photographer Nick Osborne [©Tourism Tasmania]

Tasmanian oysters and smoked salmon - Photographer Garry Moore
Huon's Connoisseurs' Guide to Salmon

It will make you clever, help you lose weight, reduce your risk of coronary disease and depression and you should eat it twice weekly - or so the regular health reports tell us. That's all very well and great news for those of us who love salmon but just how do you pick the freshest salmon in the fishmongers? What's the difference between hot and cold smoked salmon? And when you have it home and ready to cook, what now?

To answer all these questions and more, Huon Aquaculture has produced Huon's Connoisseur's Guide to Salmon and for anyone who loves salmon, this Guide is sure to become an oft-referred to member of the food library. It’s a superb pocket sized book that gives you everything you need to know about salmon at the flick of a page. Huon’s price tag (RRP A$10 plus postage) belies the value and depth of information hidden within its soft cover and not to mention the delicious recipe ideas - this book is worth double the price. And whilst they are obviously inclined to mention their brand name at every opportunity, it doesn’t detract at all.

A personal introduction and recommendation from Tetsuya Wakuda could well get you turning straight to the recipe ideas but it’s worth spending some time on the pages in between. You’ll quickly pick up how do you select the freshest, best quality salmon and you’ll know whether smoked salmon should have rack marks. Discover the difference between hot and cold smoking and the individual flavours that develop from each process and learn that "the whole hog" has a completely different meaning when you’re talking fresh salmon (head on and gutted).

The section on salmon’s companions will have you serving the right herbs, sauces, pastries vegetables and even fruits with each type of salmon product - fresh, hot smoked, cold-smoked, caviar and dip. It even gives you the lowdown on which wine and beer will best complement each product’s flavours. What really appeals to this foodie novice is that the suggested accompaniments through this section are all interesting but simple. One combination that was a quick and easy road-test appeared in the companion fruit section - smoked salmon with thinly sliced pear and cream cheese of your choice on water crackers. It was simply delicious and a pairing (excuse the pun) I wouldn't have dreamt up.

Then there’s a section dedicated to different ways of cooking and telling you why each method works, what salmon product it suits and what you’ll need, followed by details on preservation.

But of course, urged on by the mouth-watering photos we get to the recipe ideas section last.There are only a handful of full recipes but combined with the ideas accompanying each recommended companion, it won't be hard to serve it in a different way each time, twice weekly for health benefits of course, for many months to come. 

The Guide is peppered with some glorious Tasmanian images, reinforcing the impeccable image and reputation of Tasmania’s of seafood and making it a nice, glossy publication. But the logical way the information is laid out plus it’s simplicity make this an excellent addition to any seafood lover’s library. In fact with Christmas approaching, a few seafood loving family and friends might just be on the receiving end of a salmon hamper with this Guide as the feature.

Huon's Connoisseur's Guide to Salmon is available from Huon Aquaculture for $10 plus postage (an absolute bargain). Click on Huon Aquaculture link below for address.


  • Huon and Channel (TAS)
  • Southern Tasmania (TAS)

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November 29th, 2008
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