Matt Preston's 100 Best Recipes by Matt Preston

Simple and delicious recipes everyone should know

By Laura McKinnon
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Matt Preston's 100 Best Recipes

Matt Preston's 100 Best Recipes


Matt Preston hardly needs an introduction. As a host of television’s MasterChef and a renowned food critic he has endeared himself to the Australian public and become a household name.

In his cookbook he shares the food he cooks at home; food that is simple but delicious. Food that revolves around family. This is food that Preston has cooked since his childhood, the things he cooks on Friday night or for Sunday lunch, dishes that came with relationships past and present, and most importantly, foods that he cooks to show his family he loves them.

Matt Preston’s 100 Best Recipes is a great all round cookbook. It keeps things simple and covers all the basics.

The content revolves around soup, salads, pies and pizza, pasta and rice, a variety of meats and desserts. Using soup as an example, he starts the chapter with explaining what makes a good soup – good stock. He then elaborates with more hints and tips. A great prologue to a set of recipes; especially for those who always wonder why their recipe is not quite ‘cutting the mustard’.

The first soup recipe is cauliflower, and given the nature of the book and what Preston is trying to achieve, is a perfect choice to start with. But not only does he give the recipe, but ways in which to garnish it; altering its taste to suit different palettes. That is what is so good about this book; alternatives for recipes are sometimes given, basics are provided and tricks to makes things simpler often round off a recipe.

But let’s get to the really yummy recipes. ‘That Ex-girlfriend’s Potato Salad’ is certainly a highlight for any potato salad fan and features egg, bacon and yoghurt as some of its main ingredients to give it that more significant taste. The Jackaroo Pie is as hearty as pies come and has a bit more bite because it features Worcestershire sauce and Vegemite as part of its ingredient base.

Staying on the topic of hearty, a Macaroni Cheese is offered up and carbohydrate loaded – certainly one for a cold winter’s day. Preston also delivers in the Bolognese department with a recipe titled ‘The Bolognese that got me a book deal’, and although a delicious recipe in its own right, in a quirky and glorious addition he adds a section titled 15 ways with… leftover Bolognese. Perfect for a family of Bolognese eaters who want to stir things up a bit the following day; Bolognese on toast, as a pie or as part of baked potato to name only some.

The list of amazingly delicious recipes goes on – Madrid Battered Calamari Rolls; Meatloaf; Lamb and Barley Braise to name a few more.

The cookbook also features a delectable selection of desserts suitable for any sweet tooth. Matt’s Mess is a highlight – a combination of ice-cream, meringue and cream. Add raspberry jelly crystals and a few other extras and Preston shows that he knows what food is all about.

This is one of the great all-rounder cookbooks. Of course it has the recipes, but it also has so much more. It gives tips and tricks; it gives the basics for things like stocks, doughs and pastries. And it also carries with it a fantastic sense of humour – ‘Bus Driver’s Mother-in-law’s Slice’ for instance.

The feeling you get as a reader is that it is a well put together and well thought out cookbook. One that won’t collect dust for all the use it will receive.

Matt Preston's 100 Best Recipes by Matt Preston
is published by Plum, an imprint of Pan Macmillan Australia (Sydney, 2012; sc, 224 pp) and retails in Australia for RRP A$39.99

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  • Sydney (NSW)

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March 12th, 2013
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