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With recipes from over 100 chefs, cooks, bakers and food producers

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The Great Australian Cookbook

The Great Australian Cookbook

Ever wondered what Neil Perry likes to eat when he’s at home with his family? What about the secret to Margaret Fulton’s sponge cake or Frank Camorra’s Spanish omelette? And how exactly does a prawn farmer prefer to eat his prize crustaceans?

The publishers asked 100 of Australia’s finest chefs, cooks, bakers and food producers a simple question: “What is the food you make for the people you love?”

The result is The Great Australian Cookbook – 100 contributors, 165 recipes, 81 locations and 436 pages and an impressive lineup of the nation’s culinary legends and renowned chefs including Stephanie Alexander, Matt Moran, Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong, Frank Camorra, Maggie Beer and Margaret Fulton.

They star alongside local food heroes from Darwin and the Daintree in the north to Bruny Island and Port Lincoln in the south. From Fremantle and Alice Springs to the suburbs, these food heroes opened their homes and hearts and shared recipes they make for the people they love.

“I think one of the ways to enthuse people who may feel anxious about cooking is to offer them the opportunity to cook something which is really  only about three or four steps. And when it comes out of the oven, it really is so good that they’re going to do it again and again and again,” says Stephanie Alexander.

Of his mango and fig omelette recipe, Peter Russell-Clarke says, “I’m a painter, which means I’m concerned with colour, form, texture and shape. And as a cook, I’m concerned with exactly the same things. How textures and colours as well as flavours are put together on a plate or on a canvas is important.”

To capture these very Australian characters and create this ambitious collection of recipes, co-editors and Australian food writers Helen Greenwood and Melissa Leong were joined by a production crew which spent six months on the road, travelling the length and breadth of the country.

The Great Australian Cookbook is an affectionate snapshot of Australia and the food we love to eat,” says co-editor Helen Greenwood. “These celebrated chefs and beloved cooks, dedicated farmers and fishers, wondrous pastry cooks, and hard-working bakers and food-makers bowled us over with their willingness to share their thoughts, time and recipes. The happy result is a book for all Australians who want to cook with, and for, love.”

Acclaimed artist Reg Mombassa brings his distinctive creativity to this astounding collection of recipes, and royalties will benefit Australian charity OzHarvest to help support their inspired efforts towards distributing food to people in need.

The Great Australian Cookbook is the ultimate celebration of the food we love to share and eat.


The Great Australian Cookbook by Helen Greenwood and Melissa Leong is published by PQ Blackwell (Auckland, NZ, Sept 2015, 432pp) and distributed by Five Mile Press. It is available now, where all good books are sold. RRPA $49.95.

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November 09th, 2015
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