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It's easy - just follow these steps.

How to activate your temporary Membership to receive your annual (permanent) Membership card

If you've received a gift Membership or have purchased a temporary card from one of our resellers, you'll need to activate your membership so we can issue your permanent card to take you through the next twelve months of exclusive wine and food experiences.


It's easy! Just go to and follow these simple steps:


If you are an existing or Winepros Archive subscriber - use the RHS box:

  1. If you are already a VisitVineyards subscriber and are logged in, your details will be shown in the box on the right hand side under Step 2 (if you are not logged in, please do so before continuing).

  2. Simply hit the Next button if you are activating a Membership for yourself.

  3. Go straight to Step 2 on the right hand side of the window and enter the Activation Code and purchase date written on your temporary Membership card, then hit the Activate button.

  4. If you are activating a Membership for your spouse or partner (also a subscriber), you (or they) will need to enter their username and password to continue, then hit Next.

  5. Welcome to!


If you are new to - use the LHS box:

  1. If you're new to our website, you'll need to create a Login first, which is Step 1 on the left hand side of

  2. Once you've created this, then simply follow step number 3 above.

  3. Repeat for your spouse/partner. Please use a separate email address per person - if they do not have their own, then either create a free gmail or other email account for them, or email us to process their annual Membership manually.


What happens then?

Once you've activated your Membership, our friendly Member Manager will post you your annual Membership card(s) and sample offers booklet.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery and contact or phone us on +61 (3) 6248 4476 if there is a delay or if you have any queries or difficulty - we are here to assist.


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