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These two staples will never be the same again!

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Cottage Pie from <i>Beef and Potatoes</i> by Jean Francois Mallet

Cottage Pie from Beef and Potatoes by Jean Francois Mallet [©Murdoch Books]

Beef and Potato Tagine from <i>Beef and Potatoes</i> by Jean Francois Mallet
<i>Beef and Potatoes</i> by Jean-Francois Mallet
Shredded Beef Salad from <i>Beef and Potatoes</i> by Jean Francois Mallet


You'll soon be raising your meat and veg repertoire to the next level with 200 recipes featuring these two staples as the shining ingredients. Learn your cuts of meat, which spud is best for which cooking method and then jump on into the recipes! So if you like steak and chips, if you like cooking, if you like creativity in a book, enter now to win one of two copies of Beef and Potatoes by Jean-Francois Mallet.

 If your last attempt at a slow cooked beef dish tasted like old shoe leather and your hoped-for fluffy mashed potatoes were more like lumpy porridge, Beef & Potatoes is for you. And even if you can whip up a great beef and/or spud dish, this tome will certainly inspire you to create even more.

The 200 recipes range from classic to modern and across many cuisines and regional flavours providing plenty of motivation to rev up the old meat and veg big time! Our reviewer Jennifer says it's not a complex book and is surprisingly interesting, given the basic nature of the two staples.

Set out in three sections: Beef, Potato and Beef & Potato together, the recipes are all set out well and are easy to follow, Of course, mouth-watering images help drive the chef within!

Imagine you've announced you're serving up some steak and spud for dinner then voilà! The diners gasp and breathe in the wafting deliciousness as you serve up a Cheesy Beef and Potato Pie, a Beef Wellington with Duchess Potatoes or set the table on fire (not literally) with a Beef and Potato Fondue.

Now, stop the dreaming for just a moment and enter below for your chance to win one of two copies of Beef & Potatoes by Jean-Francois Mallet.

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Prizes are one of two copies of Beef and Potatoes by Jean-Francois Malley (valued at  A$49.95 each plus postage)  These prizes can be posted around Australia and overseas. The competition is open to all subscribers and Members over the age of 18. Entries open 1st February 2017 and close midnight 3rd April 2017. Winners drawn 4th April 2017 and names posted on our winners page.  See our competition terms and conditions here

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February 01st, 2017
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