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Cottage Pie from <i>Beef and Potatoes</i> by Jean Francois Mallet

Cottage Pie from Beef and Potatoes by Jean Francois Mallet [©Murdoch Books]

Beef and Potato Tagine from <i>Beef and Potatoes</i> by Jean Francois Mallet
<i>Beef and Potatoes</i> by Jean-Francois Mallet
Shredded Beef Salad from <i>Beef and Potatoes</i> by Jean Francois Mallet


Beef and potatoes – some would argue the two best staples of food, so how could you possibly get it wrong? In Beef & Potatoes Jean-Francois Mallet makes it all clear you can take your repertoire to the next level.

If you just think ‘beef’ without considering which cut, you have no hope. If you want a slow-cooked stew and you choose the wrong cut, you’ll find you have shoe leather for supper. If you want to barbecue and choose chuck, you will have a miserable family dinner.

So there are rules. And with potatoes – which ones? You don’t make mash, chips, steamed potatoes, sautéed potatoes, crisps and soufflé potatoes with the same variety.

It’s important to distinguish between a waxy potato such as a Dutch Cream and a floury/starchy potato, such as King Edward. And what about red Pontiac, Sebago, Desiree and Yukon Gold?

In Beef & Potatoes, you can identify the right cut for each way of cooking beef and the potato for the dish you are hankering after. Containing 200 recipes, classic and modern, within three sections over 410 pages, each recipe beautifully illustrated with photographs by the author. 

In ‘Beef’ you’ll find luscious hearty recipes such as Rib Eye Steak with Garlic Chips; Belgian Beef and Beer Stew; and Roast Beef with Béarnaise Sauce.

In the ‘Potatoes’ chapter you’ll find out how to make the Ultimate Chips; Potato Pancakes; Potato Fritters and Potato Puree with Truffles.

And in the ‘Beef and Potatoes’ selection, you’ll find favourites such as Classic Cottage Pie; Beef and Potato Tagine with Mint Yoghurt (see recipes below);  traditional Beef Wellington with Duchess Potatoes and a Mexican-style Braised Beef.

This superb book has dinner options well and truly covered!


About the author;

Jean-Francois Mallet studied at renowned culinary arts school Ferrandi in Paris, and worked for some of France’s top chefs before becoming a food photographer. He now travels the world in search of incredible meals and the talented people who make them.

 Beef & Potatoes by Jean-Francois Mallet is published by Murdoch Books 2016 (first published by Hachette Pratique; hc, 410 pp) and is available in Australia at  a RRP of A$49.99

Some select recipes are on the links below.



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August 21st, 2016
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