The Australian veg food guide – edited by Lisa Dempster

150+ nationwide reviews of vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants

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The Australian Veg Food Guide 2011

The Australian Veg Food Guide 2011

After a sellout Melbourne edition, this new rewritten and redesigned nationwide food guide contains over 200 reviews and listings of as many vegan, vegetarian and veg friendly restaurants as can be crammed in from all around Australia.

Editor Lisa Dempster is the director of the Emerging Writer’s Festival and is a renowned food blogger based in Melbourne.

The book contains:
•    Clear icons and ratings
•    Indices by name and area
•    Over 200 reviews by dozens of contributors
•    Results of the annual Veg Food Awards

So whether you are vegetarian, vegan or just looking for something different, from healthy eating through to vegetarian fine dining (it does exist, especially at Sirens in Hobart), breakfast through to dinner, this pocket-sized book is for you.

The Australian veg food guide 2011 – edited by Lisa Dempster is published by aduki independent press (Melbourne, Vic 2010; sc 224 pp) and retails for RRP A$17.75. and WinePros Archive subscribers and Members can purchase The Australian Veg Food Guide 2011 from our book partners Seekbooks here at 12.5% off RRP » (postage extra).

The eBook of the Australian veg food guide  is also available for A$5 downloadable from Aduki independent press’s online store »

eBook version notes from the publisher:

'This eBook is actually a PDF, we took this decision as it allowed us to create a digital version but still maintaining the layout and design of the print book which is not possible with other eBook formats. It also means the book is readable from those who do not posses eBook readers as it is readable on computers.

There are many ways to get the PDF onto your reader or reading program (e.g. iBooks, Stanza), most quite simple (and easily found on the Internet), but it may not be something you have done before, we are happy to explain how if you are confused.

Corrections will be edited and compiled into a new edition on a monthly basis. New entries will be compiled into a new edition in line with the print book.

We will also be improving, tidying and adding new features (such as proper hyperlinks in review entries and table of contents) on a regular basis, purchasers will be notified when new editions are available for download.'

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November 05th, 2010
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